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  • I’m doing ok!

    17th Feb 2020 by

    Not going to say much other than thanks to all of you who over the past 3 months commented and liked and supported and are just plain amazing! It isn’t easy and some days just feel like the pits. BUT it’s (close eyes if you don’t like bad language) fucking fantastic to be in this… Read more

  • Fed-up Friday Feelings

    14th Feb 2020 by

    Struggling tonight folks. Really have found today hard and I’m trying to think about why that might be the case. This weekend I’m approaching my 3 month sober milestone. My head tells me that’s a huge achievement but my heart doesn’t feel the same. Tonight I just feel exhausted. Overwhelmed by life and shit. There… Read more

  • Fade to grey

    10th Feb 2020 by

    Earlier today I read a post by Ashley at mentalhealthathome.org focusing on major depression and the impact it can have on someone’s day to day living. It’s a beautifully brave post, honestly expressing her experiences. Ashley’s words led to a moment of personal reflection and I wanted to share how ‘depression’ felt for me. At… Read more

  • Can I be an Avenger now?

    31st Jan 2020 by

    It’s Friday and after a lot of soul searching and navel gazing at the end of last week and beginning of this one I am delighted to say, I feel pretty darn fabulous tonight. I have had a great few days. Nothing to mention specifically. I just find myself appreciating the really important people in… Read more

  • Claire’s Disappointment

    28th Jan 2020 by

    Hmmm 🤔 I have been self reflecting (or is that self obsessing?) this past few days. I’m not sure it’s been particularly helpful and my brain is a bit addled with thoughts and questions. Forgive me if this post is disjointed and incoherent. I haven’t been drinking, honest! It is also likely to be long… Read more

  • Tangled again!

    24th Jan 2020 by

    It’s been an odd couple of weeks. I’ve had moments of feeling totally at peace with lovely feelings of contentment and happiness and then suddenly it goes. The family have been sick but are all recovered now. One of our guinea pigs died .. he was only 2 and my 12 year old has been… Read more

  • Note to Claire

    19th Jan 2020 by

    Dear Claire (Nov 2017 – May 2019) I know you are feeling totally lost and pretty much alone right now. I know you can’t see a way out and this feels never ending. If I could send a letter back in time to reassure you I would. I’d promise you that it will and it… Read more

  • Two months and I still can’t come up with a catchy title!

    17th Jan 2020 by

    Well ‘hello’ my fellow bloggers. To those who have been at this sobriety thing an impressive amount of time, the newbies just starting out, my ‘twins’ who are at the same stage and all the others giving support …. thank you all. 🙏 Sunday 17th November I woke up, feeling utterly shit and told myself… Read more

  • What comes first? Anxiety or depression? (second attempt!)

    13th Jan 2020 by

    (I had to re- post as for some reason my previous attempt didn’t allow comments. I’m hoping this works!!) I know from all my reading and research that they are closely related and one can trigger the other. I also know from my own personal experience that 8 weeks on (YES!! 8 WHOLE WEEKS! …… Read more

  • The long and winding road

    9th Jan 2020 by

    Yesterday evening was not good for me. I did start to write a post but ended up giving up half way through … I just couldn’t get my thoughts and emotions straight. This morning however I feel very different. I had support from two very wise and caring friends and one of them (I’ve mentioned… Read more

  • A lovely quote …

    5th Jan 2020 by

    At 7 weeks sober (half way to the 100 day milestone) I felt I wanted to share this quote. I can’t remember where I saw it. It may have come from a post you previously wrote and if it did, thank you. It’s incredibly meaningful for me at this moment in time. I’m on a… Read more

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