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  • Highs and lows

    8th Dec 2019 by

    I’m starting to see a pattern emerge. Sunday evening, starting around 5pm UK time I dip. I have felt great all day. Really content and unshakeable. Then come 5pm (always on a Sunday) my mood changes. It’s not about going to work tomorrow or the weekend nearly ending, at least I don’t think it is.… Read more

  • That Friday Feeling

    6th Dec 2019 by

    Monday night earlier this week I was battling with myself. Now I’m at the end of the week and I feel so different again. I’m not totally ‘up’ like I was in the second week but I feel good. Still calm, content and most importantly like I won’t drink. I watched all the Christmas revellers… Read more

  • The day after

    3rd Dec 2019 by

    After what can only be described as a very shaky evening last night I am relieved to say I didn’t drink any alcohol. I eventually went to sleep after reading others posts on their blogs and gaining some reassurance that I am not in this alone. I know now that had I had that glass… Read more

  • Naivety and tantrums

    2nd Dec 2019 by

    I don’t know why I thought I’d be any different. As if I had some magical ability to just stop drinking alcohol after years of completely overdoing it, loving it and arranging my life around it and bam 💥 I’d be this sober, happy, new improved me, no looking back. How flipping naive and stupid!… Read more

  • Sundays.

    1st Dec 2019 by

    Sunday morning, two weeks on from my start of this sobriety journey and I’m up early, thoroughly enjoying the peace and quiet whilst everyone else is sleeping. I woke at 7am. Instead of pulling the covers over my head, attempting to blot out what I’d said or done the night before and wishing I was… Read more

  • Baby steps and early days.

    28th Nov 2019 by

    I haven’t written anything for a few days because I wasn’t really sure what to say. I don’t have any witty comments, interesting stories or clever insights and, if I’m honest, the worry that I might be seen as a boring read stopped me posting anything. Then I had a word with myself. This is… Read more

  • Moderation.

    25th Nov 2019 by

    I’ve been thinking a lot about moderation recently. Prior to my giving up alcohol I read up and researched (as I’m sure many of you have) and I noticed many references to moderation and ‘moderate’ drinkers. I most certainly am not a moderate drinker and after years of attempting to ‘cut back’ using a variety… Read more

  • Proud and tired.

    24th Nov 2019 by

    Oh wow!!!!! I have made it through my first week as a sober individual. I have even managed a weekend away with 15 other people drinking to celebrate my brother’s 50th. I thought I’d be absolutely buzzing but in all honesty I’m totally exhausted. It’s wiped me out. Is that normal? Maybe it’s the amount… Read more

  • First real test …

    22nd Nov 2019 by

    So, after feeling pretty smug about things yesterday I have to be honest, as this weekend is approaching, I am feeling anxious. Going away for two nights with 5 other couples, staying in a farmhouse which will be full of alcohol and everyone else enjoying drinks. Out tomorrow evening for dinner and more drinks. I… Read more

  • Day 5 …

    21st Nov 2019 by

    Today I have a day off work .. I get one every two weeks. For the past year (or more) my day off has started with me not being able to get up. My boys go to school and husband goes to work, I have loads to do, but I lie in bed, feeling exhausted,… Read more

  • To drink or not to drink …

    21st Nov 2019 by

    I gave up alcohol on 17th November 2019. This is my 5th day and I have no idea how I will get on. I am fed up of feeling exhausted, disengaged and irritated by life. I want to be a great mum, enjoy what I have and like myself again. This will be my journey… Read more

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