To drink or not to drink …

I gave up alcohol on 17th November 2019. This is my 5th day and I have no idea how I will get on.

I am fed up of feeling exhausted, disengaged and irritated by life. I want to be a great mum, enjoy what I have and like myself again.

This will be my journey … I hope people will stick with me through it.


5 thoughts on “To drink or not to drink …”

  1. Hi Claire- you’re up and running – well done. I get to leave the first comment. Yippee! There should be a prize! One small tip- to get more readers start using tags and categories on your posts. A category might be “alcohol and health” or “sobriety”, this will then help your blog show up on searches.
    You’re on a roll!
    Jim x

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    1. Thanks Jim
      After a few hiccups of the technical kind I have begun to work it out. Iโ€™ll have to learn how to tag and add categories! All new stuff for me this week.


  2. Hi again… sobriety won’t fix all issues at once but it makes it possible for us to begin tackling the other issues with a clear head and a more-clear conscience as well…. so happy you are here on WP!!! Very excited for you this is going to be awesome!!! xoxoxo

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