First real test …

So, after feeling pretty smug about things yesterday I have to be honest, as this weekend is approaching, I am feeling anxious. Going away for two nights with 5 other couples, staying in a farmhouse which will be full of alcohol and everyone else enjoying drinks. Out tomorrow evening for dinner and more drinks. I don’t want to ruin it for myself and others by worrying but it’s hard not to. It’s been paid for by my brother, we are kid free and in a beautiful environment – yet all I can focus on is how am I going to survive not drinking alcohol! That’s terrible isn’t it?

Don’t worry, I’m still just as focussed and determined but this is my first real test (although I guess some might say achieving 5 days sober has been 5 separate test already!). I’m fully prepared with my running kit, bubbles for a bath and my kindle – and copious amounts of different AF drinks. I just don’t want to be a total bore or to feel sorry for myself.

Day 6 on a weekend away – I probably didn’t pick the best time to start this journey but for whatever reason I felt I had to do it now and there is no turning back. Onwards and upwards. At least I won’t feel crap tomorrow morning!!!

Claire x


12 thoughts on “First real test …”

  1. Yes , you picked a tough time to start your journey but you seem determined and prepared. You can enjoy being with people you care for and getting to Monday knowing you have been able to spend time enjoying an intense social experience all without alcohol could be a massive boost to your resolve. Enjoy your weekend. Good luck. Look forward to your report on how it worked out.

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  2. Yay!!!! (and hi! :)) You are doing amazing!!! Tons of AF drinks was key for me in social situations. Enjoy watching the circus while you sit and smile in zen state! (Mindset shift. You are benefitting. Sobriety rocks. Have fun, do something a bit crazy (crank up the stereo and dance like you’re high AF? That’s one of my faves, hehe), and the next day, write to us all about how good you feel…. looking forward to it. :))) xoxoxo Nadine

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    1. Hi Nadine
      I’m going to post later on my blog but it went really well, better than I anticipated. I felt a bit strange at first. Fish out of water and all that! Then I relaxed into it, had a good laugh (genuine, not alcohol fuelled) and got to bed at midnight. This morning I felt FAB!!!!!! Honestly the best I have mentally felt in well over two years. That’s what I have to hold onto. The morning buzz.
      Hope you are ok
      Claire xx

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      1. That is absolutely fantastic and so so good to hear it!!! Thanks for checking in and letting me know!!! So happy for you, it does feel great doesn’t it and though there are ups and downs, they’re not as extreme, and each day adds to the naturalness and benefit of going without alcohol 🎉👯‍♀️🍵🌱
        Great work, hugs and hooray :))))
        Nadine xo


  3. I tell myself “I’m living for the mornings now.” I love waking up feeling wonderful and it encourages me to carry on! I’m 46 and next day mornings get rougher with age, even if I just had a few. 😬😆 I hope you have a wonderful time! Let us know! Enjoy!!


    1. I feel exactly the same. This morning was fab, I honestly felt the best physically and mentally I have felt in years!! Last night wasn’t easy but it was much better than I thought it would be. Today makes it all worth while.
      I’m glad we can share our journeys together 😁
      Claire xx

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      1. I had the same issue at first. I spent some time messing about with the settings on one of my posts and finally worked out how to tag and categorise. You’ll work it out. Well done you, you are on a roll!
        Claire xx

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  4. Hi Claire!
    I’m Wendy, aka, Untipsyteacher!
    Welcome to a great new life!
    I remember my first sober vacation was hard, and I pouted a bit, but I made it.
    I focused on the food, conversations, and the mornings were wonderful! Also, everything seemed to have more color!

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    1. Hi Wendy
      Great to hear from you. This morning was lovely 😊 I felt completely relaxed and content (not felt that for a while). I’ll be honest I’d love to sit here now with a glass of red but I know that would lead to prob 2 bottles by the time I passed out later and feeling anxious, depressed and crappy tomorrow. So, I’m sticking with my AF drinks because I know there’s a different path to take now.

      So lovely to have people out there supporting me. I’m really touched.

      Claire xx

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  5. Welcome to the Sober Club!😊
    You are amazing.
    Look at all your treats you took away with you. 😍
    Bubble baths are right up my alley. Been using bath salts for ages. Think I might get myself some bubbles again. Bring back the fun.
    You’ve got this.

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  6. i guess i am fortunate that holidays in my life have never really included big get togethers( we have a small family-at least close by ). But i can relate to it in so many other ways. I go to a lot of local art events ( talk about drinkers!) and i had a really tough time that first one..i used to be waltzing around with the rest of them , wine in hand…but i did survive:)

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