Christmas message

It’s Christmas Eve.

I hope all you lovely lovely people on here who have supported me, given me your time and encouragement and been totally amazing have a wonderful Christmas. You deserve happiness, peace and love .. every single one of you.

With love and festive cheer

Claire xxx ❤️

Published by clairei47

My name is Claire. I am a mum, a wife and I work for the NHS. For as long as I can remember I have drank alcohol and my relationship with it has become increasingly complex over recent years. I’m 47 and I want to be physically and mentally healthy. I want to be present in my life and enjoy the journey, not drown it out with wine and hangovers. I have decided to detail how things progress via this blog. I know nothing about blogging but I think support from others is essential. Maybe one day I can help someone with my story. I started my sober journey on 17th November 2019; long may it continue.

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