I’m doing ok!

3 months of sober life!

Not going to say much other than thanks to all of you who over the past 3 months commented and liked and supported and are just plain amazing! It isn’t easy and some days just feel like the pits. BUT it’s (close eyes if you don’t like bad language) fucking fantastic to be in this position right now. I would not and never want to be anywhere else!!!

Thank you all

Love Claire xxx

26 thoughts on “I’m doing ok!”

  1. That says it all right there, Claire! That you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! You are where you belong. Congratulations on three months!!!💕

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  2. This is absolutely fantastic!!!!!! Hurray Claire! And you’ve been such a lovely friend to so many fellow sobriety-lovers-and-attempters as well, another thing to celebrate! Thanks for being such a lovely community member to us all. Hugs and congrats 🤗🎉🎂🎉💗🎉🙌

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