Just a thought …

I spotted this yesterday on my walk to clear my head of muddled thoughts, feelings and emotions. I really liked the sentiment and it resonated with me. I’m still ‘at odds’ with myself but coping. I’ll try to keep taking that single step forward. 🙂

Claire xx

14 thoughts on “Just a thought …”

  1. hahahaha love this 🙂 the universe is encouraging you to keep going !!! 😉 (that’s a joke… i think we have no idea what the universe is doing – and in this day and age all we can do is stay away from the coronavirus, and keep doing our best, one step at a time 😉 ❤ Anne

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    1. It was kind of reassuring to stumble across it on a day where I was feeling sad and flat! I agree totally … one step at a time and hopefully in a different direction to the coronavirus 😉
      Hope you are ok Anne ❤️ xx

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    1. That’s so true. Sometimes I catch myself thinking sad thoughts. On occasions I’ve even started playing maudlin music. Then I wonder why I’m miserable and tearful!!! I like the idea of ‘worry time’. 10 minutes to worry, overthink, feel sad etc and then that’s that! Seems simple enough but I bet it isn’t.

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