Up and running again

One of the weirdest weeks ever! Every single day, four or five times a day, things change. Plans are made, then unmade. People can’t work from home, people MUST work from home unless they absolutely can’t. Some of my staff are all guns blazing … let me get out there and fight this thing, others wanting to run away and hide. So challenging to deal daily with tears, tantrums and hysteria .. and that’s just my own.

So, I am finally set up (kind of) with the technology required to work from home for some days. How long for is unknown, like so many things right now. I may be redeployed to help elsewhere. God help anyone I have to care for. I’m not even sure where you shove a thermometer.

My first experience with Zoom teleconferencing was hilarious. Clearly the NHS world is not used to this type of futuristic magic. There were people who just did not realise they needed to mute their screen. We heard someone home schooling and yelling at a very bored child, saw someone relaxing on his hammock in his back garden and listened as a member of staff went to the bathroom. It was the highlight of my day.

Today I had an SOS call from a neighbour. They’d seen my leaflet and wanted someone to get supplies as they are elderly, in poor health and their son is now self isolating. She sent me her shopping list and told me it might be difficult to get her bread as she’s glutton free! I wish I was glutton free. Then I might not have this wobbly chocolate belly,

Finally, today I managed to go for a run. I have really lost my exercise mojo over recent weeks, even months. Today, however, with the sun shining, I stuck on my trainers and off I went. I walked/ran for two miles and ran for another 3. Shattered but good to get out after 3 days of high stress and anxiety (not mine for a change, other people’s). I’m planning to run most days now. Make it a routine.

I was asked by a fellow blogger to post some photos when running, so here they are …

It’s been a week of many firsts and of rising to challenges. I’m coping with change without panic and emotion and with a little bit of humour. I’m doing all of it sober. In fact, what I now know is that I have to be sober to deal with it. As people around the UK clapped for NHS workers, care staff, frontline employees, supermarket assistants, delivery man … etc etc … I realised that we have to ride this storm. I intend to do just that and to do it sober.

Stay safe, look after yourselves and keep in touch by blogging or commenting.

Claire xx

28 thoughts on “Up and running again”

  1. Go you!! Up and running. Proud of you! And thanks for the Zoom reminder to mute your device…I have my first staff meeting tomorrow morning and three crazy (unpredictable) kids in the house who’ve been cooped up for too long. Of course the teenagers will provide still be asleep, as it’s at 9 am. 😂👍🏻💕

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  2. Good job with the running! I love getting to see a little of where you live. So funny with the Zoom meetings. We have been using it for a while in my office. We’ve gotten used to it now, but it was a mess when we started out. And I kept forgetting I was muted, and would try to talk. But all the millennials think I’m a grandma in my office anyway. Sigh. xoxo 🌱

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    1. I think we’ll get used to it but like you say, it was all over the place at first. Plus yesterday’s were ‘sessions’ for all hospital staff should they wish to watch the presentation, so you can imagine how that went. It was really useful in the end though! Hope you are ok xx

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      1. Yes, I could immediately see how you might be concerned! Hysterical laughing emoji (although better than crying- definitely need humor) might make one question one’s mental state at a time such as this. Love you!💜

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  3. Morning! This is great! I really need to run as well. I live in the country and my hesitancy is I can either run North and South which is a main road that has eroded and cars are all over avoiding pot holes so I don’t feel safe and then running East or West I run alone where their aren’t many houses in between each other and also some people around me have dogs that chase people. I was chased on a bike last summer and was scared shitless. However, I’ve got to do something and I hate treadmills.
    You made me laugh with your zoom teleconferencing scenarios. I don’t even know what zoom teleconferencing is! 😂😆 I’d probably be one of those non-muters. 🤣.
    Anyway loved reading your post! Miss ya! I’ve got to post soon. I was in a bit of a funk but seem to be coming out of it! 😃

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    1. Hey. I think everyone is going through days of feeling a bit shitty and the days of feeling more upbeat. I have had to run because all I do now is eat chocolate (and drink tons of tea and coffee). I had never ‘zoomed’ before in my life. I’m totally paranoid now that people can see or hear me when I think I’m on mute!! 😳 xxx

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  4. Well, first things first – don’t set up your office in the bedroom- who knows what might end up being unknowingly broadcast!
    Sounds like quite a week and great that you are getting back into your running. Switching off from all the craziness seems a great idea. I must give it a go. Jim x

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    1. Hey Dwight. That’s a road near where I live and someone’s house. Big houses down that road! I live in suburbs in an area that is a wide mix in terms of affluence. There’s a range of flats, terrace houses and small semi detached houses (ours!) but also there are some huge mansions, for the very very rich!

      How are you doing? I’m awake early today. Couldn’t sleep. 😕

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      1. I wondered about doing the same. I’ve been unusually calm up until this morning but my anxiety has kicked in and I’m worrying about everything and everyone!! Damn that anxiety!!

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  5. Yaaa to you and surrendering to change! You are supported and encouraged on your journey. Sending you spiritual, physical, and mental recovery during your challenge and look forward to seeing you on the other side. #recovered. I believe together we can all save the world by sharing our experience, strength, and hope and your blog is a beautiful example of this.

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