I’m sitting out in my garden, in the beautiful weather, taking a teeny break from work and my laptop. I’m tapping this out on my lovely new iPad and feeling very much at peace with the world today. Not a cloud in the sky. The birds are tweeting and singing in the background and the boys have (reluctantly) embarked on a bike ride with their dad.

Firstly, thank you to the nominated bloggers who answered the questions in my last post. I know these things aren’t everyone’s cup of tea so please don’t feel any pressure to respond if you were nominated and don’t want to take part. It was, however, great to read more about those of you that did follow up with a post.

Secondly, I’m making the most of this week as I have a feeling that, once again, life is about to be turned upside down. Certainly for the UK anyway. I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to work from home. The lockdown rules look set to be relaxed or altered, with schools possibly returning etc etc. I have no idea what it will all look like and the idea does worry and concern me. I have become used to less people and isolation. My birthday was probably one of my favourites for a good few years. No pressure to organise anything and no need to try and meet up with various family and friends. It was simply a day to do exactly what I wanted with no side order of guilt. Maybe that’s selfish but I really enjoyed myself.

I have become anxious around groups of people. Those ‘space invaders’ are increasing in numbers daily and I find myself feeling like an alien in their world. I think I’ve even made an art out of social distancing … I’m an antisocial distancer! I think about crowded bars and restaurants and have absolutely no desire to go back into them once they reopen. The thought of my train commute to work and the walk through the city centre fills me with horror. Am I becoming agoraphobic? I don’t think so. I still love to be outside and I want to see and spend time with certain people. Just not lots of people, in one place, all at once. Is that the definition of agoraphobia? Maybe.

I’m sure I’ll become used to hustle and bustle again. Busy places and crowds. It’s likely to be gradual I guess. A few more people here and there each day. I’ll have to get used to it in order to carry on doing my job. No choice. I suspect many people will decide to be ‘homebodies’ even when lockdown is eased. Slowly dipping their toe in the social pool. Holding onto the side and keeping a float to hand as opposed to jumping in with a dive bomb straight off. It will be strange to watch and experience society re-engaging with each other. Testing out human contact outside their home bubbles once again.

Yet again we are about to face many changes and new rules for living. More challenges and the unknown and uncontrollable. Which is why, for now, I am going to remain in the moment, in my bubble, in the sun. At peace.

Love Claire xx

29 thoughts on “Bubble”

  1. I so agree with you my friend, Many will be in our bubbles. I think we will be. It just feels like the great return plan is being wrote on one of Boris’s fag packets. But hopefully us of all this that a few more will start to enjoy the simpler pleasures.
    So pleased you enjoyed your birthday. x

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    1. My life has become simpler in my ways, other than work which seems to become more complicated by the hour! Maybe as I get older I become happier to just sit and not ‘do’. Or maybe it’s not drinking. Or maybe I’m fundamentally lazy and dull 😂. I have little or no faith in Boris and his ‘team’ and sometimes it feels easier to sit in my bubble and ignore it all. X

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  2. yes, indeed i too have decided to create a bubble…just tonight in fact. The rationale behind this decision has come on the heels of ( cough, cough) being back on Facebook and more specifically clearly witnessing what i can only call the spectacular feats of highly skilled lobbyists, marketers and propagandists(?). For 2 months now i have been watching with my cynical eye.It has become clear the depths to which some (agendas) have gone to create the illusion of giving us the “inside scoop” using extremely manipulative techniques. For example : todays video du jour was called “The Plandemic”. Not sure of the exact date and time it was released but it just started showing up all day today with claims that every time it was posted, Facebook and other formats were “taking it down”. This has had the effect of telling a teenage girl not to date a “bad boy”. You know she is gonna want to do it even more and get away with it because it’s now a “taboo”. Yet, it appears many haven’t seen through this ruse . Pure genius on the part of the film maker. It’s actually a series of short films put out by various entities to forward ( wait for it) their own agenda politically. Anyway….i had planned on viewing it but decided not to. I want to think for myself and not be swayed by these obvious mind control.I gotta hand them credit though…they sure know how to work the human triggers!

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  3. I think bubbles could become the new buzz word as we will be encouraged to stay within our family and group “bubbles”. Your bubble sounds ideal, a bubble where you’re in control, a rare delight in the current climate. The simple things, outdoors, sunshine etc . One thing this crisis has done is to make people realise how much we all took for granted and how much more we will now hopefully appreciate the small but important stuff. Glad you enjoyed your birthday and here’s hoping the coming months don’t disrupt your peace of mind too much. Jim x

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    1. I think they’ll be gradual but I suspect people are already making their own decisions about how they approach it. I’ve been in work some days and we are being asked to bring patients in from next week. Interesting times

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  4. Clare I feel the exact same!! We are allowed 2 people round at our house now so everyone is busy making plans and I don’t want to. I have to start wearing makeup again 😆
    So good to hear You are feeling good today, make the most of your peaceful time whilst he boys are away.
    I must have missed a post or two as I haven’t seen about the nomination, I will go back and read.
    Lovey to see you are well xx

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    1. Hi Emma
      I think my posts are doing something weird so not always showing up!!
      Yep, that’s how I feel. They’ll allow us more freedom but I’m not sure I want it! That sounds terrible I know. Great to hear from you. Xxx

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  5. Yes, I feel this way, too. I’m very anxious about what is next. I will be able to work from home as long as I want to, I think, but it’s stressful that many people seem to think everything’s fine now even though it clearly isn’t. Well, we will see. I’m so glad you had a great birthday!

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    1. Hey. I had that exact same discussion with my husband the other day. It’s as if some people think it’s dealt with and now gone. I know many don’t but there are a vast number of people here who are clearly not practising any form of social distancing. X


  6. Your post reflects my feelings Claire – I like the simplicity of life this way and apart from riding and seeing my family and close friends again I don’t really want it to change that much! I think we will be in and out of it though for a good while and as I don’t trust the gov know what they are doing or are motivated by our interests we plan to stay in some sort of bubble for the foreseeable as C is over 70 and I am managing seeing my patients remotely. I think when they say they are worried we are getting addicted to being furloughed they mean ‘if it carries on too long people will start to realise how shit their lives were and will want things to change!’ I read somewhere that they think the no of heart attacks and strokes has fallen rather than not presenting coz of less stress! Xx

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    1. So interesting isn’t it? Strip it all back and actually we don’t need a lot of it! I’m with you. Seeing certain special people again is the only thing I’m missing in all honesty. I agree we are likely to yo-yo for a good while yet and I’m happy to remain with our status quo as much as I can. I think my eldest will be heading back to school before the summer is out though and expectations of my being physically in work may change. Simple is good though. I think being sober had already started that process for me before this all kicked in. Loving word feud battle 😁 xx


  7. Yes, I am happy being my introverted – extroverted self!
    I love not feeling like I “should” be going to this event it that, and then mad at myself when I don’t, or feel left out.
    I love that everyone is in same boat.
    I do miss coffee with friends.
    But I love the freedom I have from my own self inflicted thoughts of missing out!

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  8. So much truth in here. Yes, I think navigating the way out of this will be just as complex as going through the thick of it. What will life be like? Nobody knows… Hugs, from my bubble to yours. Xx

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  9. Same here !!! The bubble has become a precious cocoon, and it’s so warm and safe and delicious that I find myself wanting to hide, wanting the “rest” to last forever….. But I know that I cannot hide away from the world forever either…. sigh. We’ll see what happens. No matter what, as you mention in your post, we are adaptable creatures, we’ll get through it. Sending big big hugs xxxx Anne ❤

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    1. Hi Anne. Thanks for the big big hugs! The temptation to hide away and pretend it’s not happening is growing stronger by the day. I know that isn’t the right way to go though. Not much change for me personally. Just plodding on. Sending love and hugs to you too ❤️💕xx


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