Waxing lyrical

Goodness it’s been a little while since I caught up with my blog. I find it easier to write about things that have been happening in my life rather than selecting a ‘topic’ so that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I think I won’t have any particular order to my ramblings today. I’ll just write as things pop into my head.

On Monday evening this week I was taken aback by seeing photos of many English residents heading out in droves to the seaside and country locations. Pictures or large groups of people sat together and close to other groups. My husband said it was rammed in our local park where he had ridden with the boys. Gangs of lads and girls, groups of adults clearly from mixed families. I honestly thought I had missed a vital government announcement thar lockdown was cancelled. Turns out this virus is so fragile it’s fading out all by itself. Maybe there was a nugget of info I’d glossed over whilst trying to wade through the reports of disgusting and incongruous behaviour of Mr Cummings. But no! I hadn’t missed anything new. We were still in lockdown with strict guidelines that we should only meet one other person, in a public outside area and remain 2 metres away. What is wrong with people? Stop being so bloody self centred!

I’m struggling with a friend of mine who considers herself to have a more ‘relaxed’ attitude than some, proudly announcing that she’s non-conformist but not judging anyone else. I think it totally passed her by that referring to her approach as relaxed immediately places a judgement on the behaviour of others as uptight and OTT. But then she was never one to have much self awareness or consideration for others. Probably why she’s able to feel so relaxed when she risks the health and well-being of others to meet her own immediate needs. Before sobriety I would’ve responded to messages from her with little thought for the consequences of speaking my mind. Now I make a considered decision whether it’s worth putting across my point of view. I decided in this case not. I did make it clear that I take different actions, whilst acknowledging that it’s her own choice. Not drinking has allowed me to let these things go and not create further tension when it’s unhelpful and not needed.

I took a few days annual leave over our bank holiday weekend. Loads of decluttering, moving my youngest son into a larger room and all his consoles upstairs into a ‘gaming’ room. This leaves the back room downstairs for me and the guinea pigs. It’s bright and sunny. I have my office space in the corner, I can lie my yoga mat out easily and I have my boy’s keyboard in there ready to learn piano on my new app. Biscuit, Toffee and I are all set in our new space. It felt good to declutter. We carried on with the garage too. On Monday I took the day to relax. No housework. No food shopping. Yoga, a walk and the new task I had to accomplish… leg waxing. Don’t worry, I am used to having my legs waxed. I’m not totally nuts. I have never attempted it myself though. I must admit, after a few false starts, where I’d clearly not followed the direction of hair growth (tricky to work that one out) and when one piece of waxing strip managed to get stuck to my coffee mug, the table and my finger, I did ok. Fairly smooth and shiny. Unfortunately I’d carried out this activity outside on a sunny day and by the evening I was smooth, shiny, bright red and sore.

I have discovered some lovely walking routes close by our house. All these years and I never knew they were there. My mum and I finally met up for a walk for the first time since March. It was a glorious day and we managed around 5 miles. My mum is 76 – pretty bloody amazing too. My running has slipped. I can’t find my running mojo. As I said to one of my lovely bloggers the other day, I keep looking for it in the biscuit tin and chocolate drawer of the fridge but it’s never there, or if it is, I’m far too distracted by the bar of wholenut or the chocolate covered almonds to notice it. I’ve stuck with yoga every day. Only 20 to 40 minutes. I’m not losing any weight but I find it very soothing and relaxing. I must be the only person who gave up alcohol and gained weight!

Today, when I left for work I received a huge bouquet of flowers. It was a thank you from a lady who lives in the street next to ours. I didn’t know her before the lockdown but she contacted me via my leaflets offering support. I’ve been doing her food shop for her as her son became ill and then went rapidly downhill with COVID-19. Happily, after a stint in hospital on a ventilator, he recovered and is now much better. I was totally taken aback by the flowers and sent the lady a text to thank her. She said I’d been the light in an extremely dark time. I honestly don’t think anyone has ever said anything nicer to me.

My beautiful flowers

I will stop now. I have some other things I planned to touch on but I’ll leave those for another day. Right now I’d like to go play some scrabble with a good friend. Sending you all love and hugs 🤗

Love Claire xx

35 thoughts on “Waxing lyrical”

  1. Wow Claire… lovely post. It seems you really are a beneficial presence in the lives of so many. ALSO: 1) nice feet, very elegant shape!, 2) YAY to your own personal space to do yoga and enjoy some sunlight, 3) re. that “relaxed” friend of yours … being cautious and thinking of others is not the same as being uptight. Sometimes, being relaxed is also a very thin mask serving to legitimize being self-centered and careless. But I don’t know your friend so I don’t want to judge 😉 Sending big hugs as usual xxx Anne

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    1. I think you have judged her perfectly! Careless is exactly the right word. Thanks for the compliment about the feet l. I didn’t show the ‘twin’ toes on the right foot. Thought I’d leave those tucked away from sight. Xxx

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    1. Thanks 😊
      Yep, I suspect she is someone who doesn’t really read about the issues or take into account the bigger picture. In the past, when drinking, I would’ve reacted to that comment and probably it would have got fraught … in the end I managed to not be challenging but still made a comment that made it clear what I believe.

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  2. Awwww those flowers and saying how you were the light in a very dark time is so so sweet! Sweet in that you are so sweet and caring and gave her that light, sweet also as in her wanting to let you know how much she appreciates you. I really love this post and your beautiful pictures! Can’t wait to read more! ❤️❤️❤️

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      1. I love waxing … hairs get thinner so they don’t show as much over time. It takes a bit of getting used to though. Eventually it’s not painful at all 😂😂

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      2. They do!! That’s why it’s worth doing. I only ever went to have someone else do it though. I will now be DIY waxing more often for sure xx


    1. It was the most lovely thing to say. I quite miss dropping her food shopping off and having her wave at me through the window, blowing me kisses! 🥰xx


  3. This is all happening without a plan. At a time when he science is now clearly being ignored. At best the regional R numbers are a fraction below 1. The slightest spike and we are back with the virus truly out of control again. Unless bad weather arrives quickly we are in serious trouble again. I’m certainly not following the herd and I will be maintaining my guard.

    Your walks do look lovely. Hopefully you will get to show your lovely legs off on some long runs through that countryside real soon. Hope you have fun with your word games. x

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    1. The lack of plan is the scariest thing about all this. There is a ‘suck it and see’ attitude that is so dangerous. I was hoping for a more structured approach myself but as there is no structure, I will make my own for my family and maintaining my guard also.

      Hopefully long runs this weekend once I get through today’s workload. Plus word games too. X

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  4. You girls have all the fun! I might have to wax my legs now😀 surely it must hurt!
    You’ve accomplished a lot in the last week or so and great that you received those well deserved gifts of gratitude. Even better when they arrive so unexpectedly. Seeing your post has reminded me I have been very remiss in my blogging and commenting. Must get as organised as a Claire😉👍 X

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  5. It is fun to get a peek inside your week. It all sounds pretty great. Except that supposedly “relaxed” friend of yours, but you have the right attitude it seems of ignoring her passive aggression. My legs are terribly hairy, I’m afraid. I suppose at some point, I’ll have to sacrifice a razor. But not yet! I hope you have a great weekend. 🤗😘

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    1. Get some waxing strips and go for it. It’s been a good week. Some mishaps yesterday whilst I was at work. No disasters though so that’s good. You have a great weekend too. 😘 🤗

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  6. You have beautiful legs and feet!!! Lol but seriously. :)) Nice poppy pics too. And lovely that someone you shopped for showed such gratitude. Doesn’t always happen, but it’s nice when it does. Hugs. xoxoxo

    p.s. not sure if you’re aware, but a name and address shows up in the bouquet pic. (feel free to delete this part of the comment… xoxo ;))

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    1. Thanks for the legs and feet comment! Actually I have twin toes on my right foot so I hid that one! 😂😂

      It’s her name but I will defo change the photo. Xxx thanks Nadine xx

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      1. p.s. btw I loved this twin toes thing. One of my dearest off-blog friends has a toe anomaly as well, and she too has amazing legs and feet. Neat phenomenon! :)) 😄 xoxoxo

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  7. Nice post. Biscuit and Toffee are great names for the guinea pigs.
    You are not the only one who put on weight going sober. Me as well.
    Waxing fun and games. Well done you. I bought wax strips for my legs but haven’t plucked up the courage yet. I was brave enough to use the upper lip wax packet so far. Ouch. But okay.

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      1. I leave my eye brows to themselves😁
        DH offers to help me with glee with the upper lip😂
        I am doing good. I have started walking. It is making a difference. I am writing and drawing too.
        I have been a bit absent from blogging but ready to get back. ❤️

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