14 days of a lowered dose of my SSRI meds and it’s time to check in. Doing ok I think. Some low moments last weekend and physically felt rough with tiredness, nausea and headaches. Strange really because it doesn’t feel like I have been putting anything much into my body, but it’s clear that’s not the case.

I’m still suffering with the nausea every now and then but all the other stuff seems to have gone. My skin on my face is incredibly dry. Not sure if that is related. Hormones have a mind of their own and do strange things to the body, so it could be. I’m still not off them entirely so now it’s alternating half a pill each day for a couple of weeks and then nothing. Med free. It feels like I’m jumping out of a plane and praying my parachute is going to open. I’m pretty sure it will but you never know.

On a completely different note, I’m sitting in my garden and admiring our new fencing. Still have to finish off the borders and plant new shrubs and trees. It will be lovely in the end. There is a minor issue though. The view from our patio is slightly hampered by the interesting choice of buildings and creations popping up in next door’s garden. Last year they removed all their grass and had a few shrubs. Fine, each to their own. Different strokes and all that. Then they erected a large type garage build. Not tucked to the side, or at the back. Oh no, two thirds of the way down. Believe me, it isn’t a pretty building. Stone clad walling. The lot. Next up, another shed type thing. Green corrugated sides and squeezed in behind the pebble dash delight. Now, the cherry on the cake. They have a constructed a seating area. Again, right in the middle of the garden. It would be quite pretty. A little gazebo type build with fairy lights that twinkle sweetly at night. The effect however has been slightly ruined by the long, sharp and very scary looking metal spikes on the top. All of a sudden it’s an instrument of torture. With the somber ‘garage’ directly behind it, I can’t help feeling we have entered either silence of the lambs or game of thrones territory. We have a great relationship with said neighbours and I don’t want to disrupt that. Luckily, I now I’m sober and have found my inner peace, I can laugh it off and accept that there is ‘now’t so strange as folk’.

On the other hand, if I do suddenly disappear, either my parachute didn’t open, or it might be worth someone checking the next door neighbour’s outbuildings. Thanks heaps. 😊

Claire xx

ps. The photo at the top is a beautiful spot South of England .. the coastline of the New Forrest. A favourite place of mine. 😊❤️

32 thoughts on “Parachutes”

    1. More serious than you’d ever believe. Personally I’d rather look at bird poop than those spikes. I’m not looking forward to find a bird skewered to one either!

      Thanks Ashley. Hoping it does too. X

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  1. LOOOOOL are you sure they didn’t build a miniature prison in the middle of their garden? I hope that bush of yours by your fence grows really tall really fast 🙂 Otherwise I am super glad that your weaning off of the meds seems to be going smoothly, that’s wonderful news! I’m still on an emotional rollercoaster of sorts, I hope it smooths itself out eventually 🙂 Big hugs ❤ xxxx Anne

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  2. Wow…interesting, I’m a bad way. Your fence is beautiful. I say plant trees and tall shrubs to block it out…and maybe a call to the building code inspector! Glad you’re doing well going off the meds! I believe your parachute will open! 💕🦋🖤

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    1. Hey you. The fence is not our new one, that’s the old one repainted by my husband and boys. I am now toying with the idea of seeking advice but it’s tricky because i really don’t want to fall out with them. What to do?..


  3. “….I can’t help feeling we have entered either silence of the lambs or game of thrones territory.” Just what you need coming off the meds.🤔 Your parachute has opened- you’re handling this beautifully. I did feel terribly guilty because I laughed as I read my way through- love your sense of humor- “might be worth someone checking the next door neighbour’s outbuildings.”🙏 💜

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      1. Thanks. We still have a way to go but I really wanted a place I could sit quietly and find calm. I’ll have to face the other direction now though 😂
        Laughing is fine. Best to have a sense of humour about these things. Sobriety has given me the ability to not take it all too seriously. Another things to be grateful for. Xxx 💜


  4. Omg what are they thinking?!! I hope you can block it out! Just a thought – some of the SSRIs do have nasty withdrawals so hopefully things will be better once you’re off them in the physical symptom department. I am sure your parachute will take you soaring my friend but I want to add be kind to yourself and gentle with your expectations as these are strange and difficult times for anyone to navigate and you’ve made these other changes for yourself too so that’s a lot in one go to be dealing with 💞💞💞

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    1. I hear you DrGS .. you are right. Thankfully I now know how to take better care of myself. I actually didn’t know what that really meant before sobriety. I just have to make sure I commit the time to doing it. So far so good. Fingers crossed I do soar! Thanks for the support 😘 xx

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  5. Thanks. Getting there and keeping a sense of humour hopefully. Our new fence is the other side. That’s one we pained and I worked on reducing the bushes and trees over growing. Which I’d left them where they were now! Ah well. I’ll sit looking in the other direction. Xx


  6. Claire- first off sounds good, the progress you are making coming off the meds. Keep going. Now the neighbours. Ok here’s my plan. Those bastards next door are out to kill and maim birds with those spikes. Fact. Pigeons are daily being robbed of statues to perch and shit upon. Fact. Pigeons are angry (Pigeon Lives Matter!) so gather them together, arm them with mini missiles and bombs and get them to blow the crap out of those monstrosities next door. There, see. This blogging community is genuinely helpful and supportive!
    Jim X

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  7. Sounds like it is going well with getting of the antidepressants! Yeah, you need some trees or something to block out the garage and pigeon spikes. It is pretty ugly. We had to put some of those on our ornate Victorian house once because the neighbor asked us to. Apparently, pigeon poop can be very hazardous for folks with compromised immune systems. We did it, but I definitely wished there was something more attractive! xoxo

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    1. I don’t think they have done it for that purpose. It’s not what they told me anyway. It doesn’t really bother me too much. It’ll take a while for us to grow anything tall enough to block it out and I’m not sure the shrubs that I planted a while ago will ever achieve that kind of height! Our friendship with our neighbours is more impt than the view though so I’ll learn to ignore it. 😀

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