What do I want to know today?

My mindfulness journal had this question as the prompt for writing. I wasn’t really sure how to respond or answer. What does any of us want to know at a particular moment or time? It might be something very specific or factual. It could be existential or philosophical. It might be nothing at all. Maybe you feel you know enough. It’s an odd question really.

I decided I would quite like to know what direction I should take. I want to know if I’m following the right path, heading on the correct journey. I feel like I’ve taken a turn somewhere, not necessarily a wrong one, but one that’s leading me somewhere different and away from my original route. I look back and I can’t really see the road I was on. It’s overgrown with trees and bushes. Should I spend time cutting them back and start searching for what was there, maybe to find it isn’t really the way I want to go? Or do I continue, down what looks like a footpath but I can’t be sure. I want to know where the signpost has gone. Where is the stile to help me over the tricky patch? There is just no clear map.

I really don’t mind how long the journey takes. I’m not in any rush to reach a destination. But what I’d really like to know today is, am I’m heading in the right direction?

Claire x

40 thoughts on “What do I want to know today?”

      1. Big love to you Claire xxx for me personally, it helps if I take a deep breath and let go. I tell myself I trust I am exactly where I should be for whatever reason. It brings peace xxx

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  1. Compare your journey today to where you were a year ago. You’ve come a long way… in the right direction. Trust yourself. 💕

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      1. I think you have issues and challenges in your life right now that are getting in the way of your experiencing gratitude, and that’s okay. I was unable to feel a sense of gratitude for months when my husband was gone. You will move through it. Maybe not at the pace you want to, but things will get better! Sending hugs!💕

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  2. Like many others have said, you’ve already come a long way Claire and your instincts will guide you. Trust them and maybe stop at interesting points on your journey. You never know what you’ll find. X

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      1. i’m ok..wondering why i am hardly getting any viewers or comments all the last few posts…either i am boring everyone to death or they aren’t showing up…le sigh…discouraging…

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      2. I think word press is doing weird things l.. it keeps removing my posts and putting them in drafts … then people can’t see them anymore.


  3. My Grandad used to always say, you are always where you’re meant to be at any given time. Which I used to take great comfort in, when a teenager and sneaking out 😂. I think like the others say, life moves in mysterious ways, trust it ♡

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