Stormy Weather

I am currently sat outside the caravan typing this post. The sun has come out on what has been a very rainy and stormy day. We still managed our 14 mile bike ride this morning which was fun but ended up very wet. We then sat in the caravan/awning in a lightening and thunder storm, torrential rain and we were flooded … again! Big sigh. It happened the other morning. Wading through standing water to get in and out of the caravan. Only on our pitch, no-one else’s. Luckily this time nothing was ruined. The other day all our games, shoes and clothes were totally drenched.

Anyone for a swim?

It’s ok though. I haven’t let it trigger me and I’m not wallowing in self pity mode. We are leaving a day early because we don’t want to risk it happening again but that’s ok too. I have written emails and asked for compensation for the inconvenience and damaged belongings. We will see. In spite of all of this, I have managed to relax and enjoy my time away. I’m relieved about that as at the beginning of the week I wondered if that would be possible. I’ve had lovely chats with both my boys and soaked up the scenery. I have not checked any work emails which has enabled me to totally switch off.

Ponies taking shelter from the rain

Watching the storm from safety

I have decided I am going to buy a new bike. I have really enjoyed cycling this week. Unfortunately the fun was tarnished a little by my 18 yr old heavy piece of crap with gears that don’t really work and brakes that squeal as loud as a banshee. My dad loves cycling and my eldest son is becoming just as addicted. It would be something to share with them and also to do alone. There are also clubs to join where maybe I could spread my wings a little more. I have no idea where to start but I’m quite excited about researching bikes and finding the best one for me. I know it will be expensive but I work hard and I don’t treat myself to many things.

I’m still trying to reframe situations and attempting not to turn everything into a catastrophe. It takes hard work and effort to stay in the present and not look too far ahead. I don’t get it right a lot of the time but some of the time is better than none. I am a work in progress!

So I sit here watching the clouds float by, gathering together, readying for another dollop of rain. I best get up and move everything off the ground including my children. We could be swimming out of the caravan tomorrow. Now where did I pack my goggles?

Claire x

17 thoughts on “Stormy Weather”

  1. Gorgeous photos, love the one of the horses. Well done with the reframing and positive outlook. I hear cycling’s all “in” too… perhaps you could do a triathlon with all the cycling and swimming 😉. Glad the weeks ending on a positive frame xxx

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    1. I honestly think it will be so good for me Wendy. I love the freedom it brings. I’m loving my yoga and I think the two combined will be a great way to stay on top of my mental health. Xxx

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  2. What a fab idea to get a bike! My old running mate got into cycling and is in a women’s group and has a great time with it. You sound like you’ve really managed what could have made the holiday crap ⛈⛈really well and gorgeous pics. Get yourself a really nice bike – you deserve it! Xx⭐️⭐️💞💞

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  3. I love the wild ponies! That is magical. Glad to see you’re reframing, finding new interests and still have your sense of humor! And that you had the chance to completely disconnect and bond with your boys. Hold on to all that good stuff! 💕

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    1. I am pleased there has been so much good stuff to be grateful for. I’m also looking forward to getting home and having a weekend of chilling out there too. It was a good to get away, even with some very dodgy weather 💕

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  4. a bike sounds like the best idea ever! I’m also looking for “my” activity this year once I get back to France 🙂 my uncle used to bike solo in the country side and LOVED it xxx Anne

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      1. as long as the bike is solid and not made of dust itself, then that’s ok 🙂 you deserve to treat yourself and explore healthy ways to do that ! I’m still not sure what a healthy treat is lol

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