Today has been an exceptional day. Not exceptional in that anything particular has happened. I haven’t won the lottery or landed my dream job (not even sure what that would be tbh). I’ve not done anything particularly exciting or achieved a huge gold star of accomplishment. It was a Monday, it was a non working day and it was a day I spent (mostly) alone. So why exceptional?

Our kitchen floor was being taken up, re-surfaced and prepared for new flooring later in the week. I couldn’t really make any plans so I didn’t. Once the boys went off to school, I settled down to do a 40 minute yoga session. It was tough and my legs ached but it felt really good. I pottered around a little, catching up with blogs and the news. I had an errand to run and because I’d not been able to grab a coffee this morning, I decided to buy a takeout one and head to the park. Weatherwise it was a beautiful day. Sunny and warm. I found a bench and sat with my cuppa and some nuts (don’t ask), watching birds fly about and ducks paddle on the lake. It was an extremely pleasant half an hour.

I managed to clean bathrooms and bedrooms in the afternoon but we still couldn’t go into the kitchen and therefore the garden. I wasn’t sure what to do with myself. I decided once the boys were in and doing homework to go for a long walk alone. I took my earphones and listened to a Brené Brown podcast. It was fascinating. I discovered that in times of anxiety I ‘do’ to avoid feeling and that ‘calm’ needs to be practised. It doesn’t always come naturally but it can be developed. I learnt some great strategies for practicing calm. It was a great feeling to walk, listen and learn.

Since we couldn’t cook due to not having a functioning oven I ordered pizza for the boys and my husband. I rustled something else up for me … still trying to reduce those carbs! We watched a little of the Tour De France. I started to think about work which triggered some anxiety. The outstanding job situation remains unresolved and I have been avoiding addressing it. Instead of allowing the thoughts and feelings to spiral, I decided to try a short yoga session. More of a relaxing one which ended with some really structured deep breathing at the end, whilst lying down with my head on a pillow and my legs wrapped in a blanket. Oh boy, it was bliss. I felt so relaxed on that mat I could’ve stayed there for hours. I didn’t want to get back up. I was so lost in the moment.

So right now it’s just past 9.30pm and I’m in my pyjamas and in bed. I’ve had limited social contact today. The day has instead been one of self learning, self care and (dare I say it) self love. That’s what made it exceptional. I have never before spent a day in this way and it was wonderful.

Claire x

The most social contact I had today!


28 thoughts on “Exceptional”

  1. Yay for having a day to chill… Mostly! I envy your yoga practice, I really want to do more yoga but my attention always gets dragged onto other things. I love Brene Brown! I haven’t listened to her podcast, but I bet it’s fantastic.

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    1. It’s great. I listened to two today and there are nuggets that really hit home. My counsellor last year suggested I read a d listens to her but I only just got around to it. I can see why he recommended it now.


    1. We are commenting on each other posts at the same time! Spooky.

      I am finding it easier to resist carbs since I cut them out. I’m still a fiend for nuts and dark chocolate but we all need something. The second yoga was called ‘cozy yoga’ and was really stretching and relaxing. Really good though. Xxx


  2. That sounds so amazing, I do believe yoga is magic. You’d commented on my other post I should try it at home more – I have very occasionally, but hubs works from home 100% plus 3 kids distance learning (100% from home) plus a toddler…. oooof it is hard to find uninterrupted time! Enjoy it!!!

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    1. Yep time is really tricky. It’s definitely easier to find time now the boys are older. There are some nice short ones and I do them before bed. Helps me sleep. 15 mins some of them! Hard work when everyone is home all the time. I found it that way anyway. Constantly cleaning and the food they consume 😱 xxx

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      1. I found maternity leave bad enough but working from home with the two boys and my husband here was just too much. I was glad I had work. It’s a never ending cycle. I clearly remember when I my eldest was a toddler and my youngest a baby thinking, is this is? Just making food all day that they don’t eat and then tidying it up. Plus buying it? 🤷‍♀️😂 I do miss those days when I look back though. Always want what we can’t have! Xxx


    2. Oh and it was an amazing day. I have had 16 years of busy busy, totally focused on the boys, my work, house stuff and other people (and drinking my time away) … having a day like yesterday shows me there are positives to being where I am right now. Xx


    1. It was leafy. I realised, though I feel a nostalgic sadness about the boys not being little, there are positives and time is one of them. I don’t think I would have been able to see that if I’d been drinking, because I’d just use the time to drink and recover. Xxx

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  3. That sounds lovely. You need more of those days! I’ve been hearing good things about the Brene Brown podcast but my podcast time has always been my commute…now that I’m not commuting I haven’t made the time to listen to podcasts or audiobooks… maybe I need to! 😘💕

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    1. Podcasts are not something I do really but I thought I’d give it a go and my counsellor last year recommended I listen to hers. I decided to heed some advice and actually I found it really helpful. Especially thinking about practicing calm. She also interviews some really interesting people. I like the idea of audio books but they always seem expensive! I do need more of those days. It was very refreshing 💕❤️🤗

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    1. Ahhhh thank you! That’s a lovely thing to say. I’m very touched. I DO need more of them. It’s been a good week to be fair. I’m finding some time for me which has helped more than I expected it would. I like people and being social but I really have found I love and need my own space too. Hope you are ok. ❤️🤗

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  4. so great! these are the days to definitely file away for future reference.. I have a few of them saved..one goes way back to when my second child was only a few months old and my mom took him for a whole day so i could relax..i made fresh chicken salad and a side of cold green grapes and spent the afternoon reading in a hammock outside…nothing to write home about but that was almost 30 years ago and its a place i can go to when i need to remember “calm”…big hugs!

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    1. That’s lovely. It’s true, you need to know and believe you can feel like that. When the boys were little I appreciated any time to myself, in recent years I’ve struggled to be content in my own company. The lockdown and having everyone at home, living in each other’s space has given me that new appreciation of being alone and enjoying it!

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