I haven’t posted for over a week. I had a few ideas and was planning to get down to business at the weekend but my eldest had a bike accident. He and I ended up spending 5 hours in A&E on Saturday following an ambulance ride and some tricky moments trying to help him walk out of the park to reach said ambulance. We were looked after really well though and after 2 xrays, manipulation and reset of bones, gas and air, a lot of giggling and random chat from B and one large plaster we were allowed home. Fractured wrist, right arm (yep he is right handed) and no sport for at least 3 months.

He is in his GCSE year, he has also taken PE GCSE so this is not great news. He is in the middle of completing his silver Duke of Edinburgh award (with regular biking as one of the challenges) and it is his 16th birthday in 2 weeks time. The icing on the cake is that we have bought him a mountain bike and football boots for his birthday. You couldn’t write it!

I am however supremely grateful and relieved that he is ok. He was coming down a hill in our local park when a little girl (around 3 years old) ran out in front of him. He slammed on his brakes and flew over the handlebars. He could have been much more seriously injured. The little girl too. So, we will manage. He is impressing me with his resilience and his need to be independent throughout. I know he is massively disappointed that he isn’t able to play football for his team, go for his squash games or get out on his bike. He can’t even play his xbox! He hasn’t moaned or complained, though I’m sure that will happen. I am extremely proud of his maturity and behaviour in dealing with it all. The little nuggets of information he shared whilst inhaling copious quantities of gas are to be kept for a special occasion I think!

When his dad called me on Saturday afternoon to tell me Ben had come off his bike, for a split second my heart and the world stopped. I imagined the absolute worst and it shook me to my core. I felt intense relief when I found them and could see he was battered, bruised, pale and broken but alive and breathing. He and his brother are my world.

So, I am doing ok. I will admit, there were a couple of times I thought about having a glass of wine and how much I ‘could do with one’. Once home, I poured an AF wine, took two sips and then switched to a cup of tea and mounds of chocolate. It did a better job to be honest. I don’t need to numb the emotions triggered by these type of events anymore. I can sit with them, deal with them and process them. In fact, the events of last weekend have given me more to add to my gratitude list, which is becoming longer day by day.

Claire x


25 thoughts on “Broken!”

  1. Oh no! I’m so glad he will be ok and you didn’t drink. Good job! Sounds so stressful! And so disappointing for him. I think you are right and that the resilience he uses here will continue to serve him well in the future, though. 💕

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    1. Yep, really disappointing but life throws stuff at us and I guess we have to try and manage as best we can. As I type these words my 13 year old is having a major melt down at the thought of doing homework. From the sublime to the ridiculous 😂😂

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  2. Gosh what a stomach topsey turvey moment. I’m so glad he’s ok (and you). You must be so proud of how he handled it, it also shows what a wonderful job you’re doing bringing him up, so next time you doubt yourself, remember this. Also mounds of chocolate for the win everytime ♡

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  3. So thankful that he’s ok! Give him my best and tell him I hope he heals up quickly. What a bummer!! You handled it beautifully, mom! Just one more thing for this delightful year, right? Sending hugs 💕😘

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  4. Glad he is okay and how he is handling it! My daughter couldn’t play basketball last year or now this year due to scoliosis. I just had tea and raisin toast. Yep it’s 11:30pm here. I want more toast. My daughters last medicine is 12:15am. Lord that is so late. 😂 Last I did that was back in my drinking days!

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  5. You’re doing such a great job, Claire! You’ve built a strong base my friend with deep roots. Hoping for a speedy recovery for your son and hoping with all you have going on you don’t get “Insane in the membrane, insane in the brain”! 🎙🎸😎🤪

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  6. Sounds like your son is a chip off the old Claire block, dealing with the situation and staying pretty positive even though it must suck to have that happen so near his 16th. I can imagine the temptation to drink so well done you for riding those feelings without booze. Great role modelling. Here’s to a speedy recovery for you son and you deserve a bit more chocolate! X

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