I have had some trouble sleeping this week. It’s made me tired each day and a little bit grumpy. I adore sleeping and I hate feeling tired and lethargic. Today is good though because, although it’s cloudy and a little chilly, it’s Good Friday and I slept well, albeit having very weird dreams. That’s for another post!

I often listen to bedtime and sleep meditations when I’m in bed. Hypnotic ones from a variety of apps I have accumulated. The one I was listening to last night included a visualisation technique which I found helpful. I had to observe and notice the thoughts swirling around my brain, of which there were many, and visualise a box, chest or some type of container. It could be any size I wanted; mine was fairly large. I then had to visualise all my thoughts going into the box, one by one. Once they were all in there, I put the lid on the box and put it away somewhere for the night. It had to be out of the room I was sleeping in, just outside the bedroom door or miles away if that was preferable. I stuck mine at the bottom of our garden. I didn’t want it in the house at all. The meditation guide instructed me to visualise coming back to bed, leaving the box containing the thoughts and worries until the morning, where it could be reopened and dealt with. I did feel lighter and more at peace.

She then asked me to visualise something positive that happened during the day. To focus on one thing that had made me feel good, at peace or happy and to embrace that feeling. I thought back over my day. I’ve been working in the hospital all week with a very heavy clinical schedule. It’s been refreshing to work with patients again. I thought back to one of the little boys I had seen earlier in the morning. A little 5 year old with a repaired cleft lip and palate. He had been very wary initially but I kept grinning at him (under my mask!), asking him about what he liked and enjoyed and generally joking around with him. He began to relax and at one point he looked up at me and gave me the most enormous smile. It was absolutely adorable. I felt so happy because he was smiling and enjoying the session. Thinking back to that moment and visualising his big smile and how it had made me feel was lovely. I lay in bed, anxious thoughts tucked away in my box in the garden, with a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

I was asleep before the 20 minute meditation had ended. I woke up this morning feeling refreshed and positive and ready to take on the day. I have unpacked my thoughts from the box and some of them didn’t need dealing with. They were simply me overthinking and getting stuck in a negative thought pattern. Others can be sorted. None of them involve challenges that are insurmountable. There are now blue skies peeking out behind the clouds and if I can make an anxious little boy smile with happiness, I can do anything.

Claire x


27 thoughts on “Sleep”

  1. I dig it! And will definitely try it since I often have issues settling the traffic in my head at night. I’m interested in your dream…when I sleep to long I often start having crazy dreams of my ex and that’s my queue to get my ass uP😂

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    1. Really really crazy dreams Dwight. So many things going on in them. I drank then realised I’d fallen off the wagon and was distraught. My husband and I were trying to catch a train, in what was like an airport. We had buggies, bags, trolleys and then my youngest appeared but he was much younger than he is now. My hair was a bright red colour and really curly, like one of my school friends was. She died about 6 years ago and at one point it was her hair on my head!!! Then I found out my 13 year old was having sex with a girl at school. My 16 year old said, omg that’s terrible. I didn’t start until I was 14/15! It sent me into such a spin! And that’s just a few things that happened 🤣🤣

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    1. They really are and it was such a huge toothy grin. For our kids it’s a big thing too as they often are quite caught up with their appearance … particularly lips and teeth. 🤗

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    1. Their voices are so hypnotic and I like the background music too. It all helps I think. Sometimes nothing sorts it and I accept it’s one of those nights. I really feel for people with severe insomnia though

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  2. I’m going to try these visualizations. My sleep has been really disrupted over this last year (and, like you, extremely weird dreams). Thanks for this helpful and entertaining post, Claire.

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    1. Thanks for the comment Donna. It’s so hard when sleep is disrupted. It really impacts on my mood and resilience. Maintaining good sleep patterns is such an important part of my mental health and self care! X

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  3. OMG I found myself smiling away too! Just such a wonderful post. Yaaaaay!

    Coincidentally, in the Gateway Experience meditations I’ve started doing recently, the very first exercise is always to put away certain kinds of thoughts into a secure box. How funny is it that both our recent meditations involved that kind of exercise – I’ve never come across it before!

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    1. Nor me. I found it really helpful. I’ve done meditating where they tell you to picture the thoughts floating away, saying goodbye to them etc. I found it easier and more helpful to visualise the box and moving that somewhere else. Knowing thoughts are there but that I don’t have to deal with them at that time, if at all! We are in sync my friend 😊

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  4. Yes you can! 😁 I love that you made him smile and I know he loved you did too!! I am happy you woke up feeling refreshed the next morning! I take 2 Benadryl every night before bed. ( stopped taking Ambient ) Benadryl keeps me asleep for 4 hours and I can still wake up quick if I hear a sound or my name is called. I have to be a nerd here and you know I love horror/scary movies. Well The Shining is one of my favorites, the sequel to it is Dr.Sleep. ( speaking of books only ) So long story short the main character in the sequel book learns he has to keep these “scary people” in a box in his mind so they won’t interrupt his life. So crazy you post this and I related it to a horror book however, now I want to look into it all more! Always love your posts! Have a great Easter! ❤️❤️❤️


  5. I need to try sleep meditations… my problem is I jam earplugs in my ears become my husband snores! That one sounded great though. And that’s exactly what you need to do, zero in on a small precious moment. Bliss. 💖🌟

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    1. I have never really focused on one tiny moment but it felt lovely to cherish something that I would have just put out of my head.

      So, my husband has sleep apnoea. This means snoring a lot plus a mask that makes a Darth Vader sound! I wear earplugs sometimes. I have wireless headphones. Only cheap but comfy. I lie and listen. I’m usually awake at the end so I take them off, roll over and it still seems to work for me. If I fall asleep with them on, I wake at some point, take them off and generally go back off again. Works for me. 💗♥️💕


  6. Love this post Claire – you really capture that little boy and the lovely feeling of making a difference like you did! The meditation sounds good and I’m glad you slept well after it! I’ve taken to just repeating in my head ‘stop thinking’ over and over 😂😂 if I can’t sleep! Dream sounds as crazy as mine! 💞💞

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    1. The dreams I had were off the wall!
      It was good to focus on something really positive from the day. Just a small thing but really important to do it. Hope you are doing ok? ❤️❤️

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  7. that sounds like a lovely meditation. I have terrible insomnia being a night shifter. It has gotten way worse since the pandemic. Prior to that, i would use my binaural tones meditations and they worked wonderfully, now- not so much.Additionally, since June i have had nightmares almost daily.I have tried everything from prescriptions to supplements, to essential oils , crystals and even having a dream catcher made just for me. ironically the dream catcher worked better that the other stuff but still not perfect. I have been looking into positive affirmation meditations as of late as well.

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