Here I go again ….

I am starting again. 6 months ago I decided to try moderation and it will come as no surprise to most of you, it hasn’t worked!

I’m not going to say anymore at the moment. I feel pretty low and crap right now but today I will not drink.

Love Claire

Day 1

21 thoughts on “Here I go again ….”

    1. One more thing, since I have restrictions for the next 4 weeks from surgery I was frustrated as I can’t workout and I loved working out. The last 2 weeks I have thought of alcohol more. I decided to really focus on my eating being more clean and alcohol doesn’t align with that goal so I’m back with a better mindset. Dwight gave me the idea. I’m excited we both have some awesome new goals! 💪

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      1. That’s fantastic. Yes .. I want to focus on my diet, get back to my yoga each day and also engage in activities that really support my mental health. Let’s do this 💪

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  1. You can do it Claire! You helped me re-start 9 months ago and it was hard but I powered through and here I am nine months later. You will feel so much better soon. We’re all here to support you!!
    Xx Robyn

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    1. Hi Robyn. This is so motivating and I’ve been catching up on your posts. I can’t continue as I have been. It’s such a quick decline back to the start!! But I’m going to commit to blogging again and take it one day at a time x


      1. yeah…! I’ve had lots of starts and stops, and one of the things I noticed as one of the changes that preceded drinking again (as I was drifting away from the things that were keeping me stable) was, oddly enough, thinking out too far ahead. Every weekend I update my day count in my calendar, looking out 7 days. I had started anticipating more and more days and calculating out more weeks. But for some reason it’s important for me to plod week by week along, no more. still, at almost 2 yrs. so, yeah.

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      2. Yep. I managed 2 years 4 months and then started again. I’m not even sure why I did. Complacency maybe? I know exactly what you mean. I’m better to just say ‘today I’m not having a drink’. I’ve found already I feel a panicked when people suggest doing things in advance .. it’s a trigger!

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  2. hey, just catching up on sorry to hear it didn’t work out for you.But as we all know here, it happens. I tried moderating too and wound up in a relapse.It was short lived ( only a few months ) but have been sober again since January.I know you got this, and we are all here for you. This is the best support i have had through it all . Hugs !!

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