Off Piste

I organised a party for my husband’s 50th birthday and my son’s 18th. We had it yesterday. It was lovely. Loads of family and friends getting together and catching up for the afternoon. A group of us carried on in a local pub with more friends joining later.

I have to be honest. I did drink a couple of glasses of wine. There are no excuses and I’m not beating myself up today. I’m also not about to throw away all the planning and prep that’s been happening this past few days.

I’m continuing with my plan to not drink. I’m remaining on that path even though I went off piste a little. Today I will not drink 😊

Love Claire


17 thoughts on “Off Piste”

  1. Hi Claire,
    How ya doing? Wishing you a Merry Ho Ho Ho and a damn fine new year. Keep posting – it inspires the rest of us…and we need all the inspiration we can get. Please post an update.

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    1. Hey 👋 I’m ok. About to embark on my sober journey again! I can’t moderate and I need to start a day one! I’ll post for sure. Happy Xmas and New Year to you too BB


      1. Good to hear. I was awful at moderating. Took me tears and many relapses before I finally stopped. And then I slipped again during the pandemic. Make sure you are kind to yourself and don’t beat yaself up. You’ll get there. (Wherever ‘there’ is!) happy New Year. 👍🏻

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