Take a Selfish (SELF CARE!) Day

My new home ‘office’

What a lovely day today. A little bit of a ‘selfish’ day but I know from past experience, a little bit of selfish actually benefits other people in my life as well as myself.

I woke up early after yet another rubbish sleep, with weird and vivid dreams and lots of waking up thinking I’m hungover. So strange and actually such a delightful realisation that I can’t be!

I lay in bed and dozed off, because I had a day off work today and because I could. Eventually, after a few naps, a cup of tea and some social media surfing, I dragged my bottom out out of bed, tidied around and roused my teenage boys. How on earth they will cope with school wake up time tomorrow I don’t know!

Then I went for a facial!! Omg it was lovely. A whole hour of pampering, including a head & shoulder massage and a hand & arm massage. Total bliss.

The rest of the day has been simply chilled. Decluttering a room to finish off my new little office. Day 2 of yoga which was slow, serene and totally mindful. Watching some tv and now I’m about to read in the bath.

It’s amazing how good it feels to begin to look after myself again. I’m grateful for Day 3 of my sober journey.

Love Claire x


14 thoughts on “Take a Selfish (SELF CARE!) Day”

    1. Ooh they are lovely! My friend is a beautician and she really goes to town. It’s actually a really mindful experience if you can focus on the sensation and quiet your busy mind. ❤️

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    1. I like my little office/sanctuary though I’ve had to go into work every day this week so it’s been unused really. Feeling a bit crappy this evening but bed awaits xx

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    1. Feeling yucky today. Super tired because I’m still in the very broken and disrupted sleep stage. Hoping for a better night and some improvement in mood tomorrow 🤞 x


  1. I know you’re not supposed to say “should,” but you can if it’s in the sentence “‘selfish day’ shouldn’t be a word.” It sounds lovely and relaxing!!

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    1. I agree. It was a lovely day. Struggling this evening but that’s tiredness and initial cravings kicking in. I need to get through tonight and hopefully get some 💤

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