Day 2 and glad to be back

My very wacky yoga mat!

Really quick post today, and don’t panic, I don’t intend to blog everyday! I am in bed and ready for sleep. Last night was terrible sleeping wise. I went to bed early due to alcohol still cruising around my body and brain from the night before. Ugh! Gross 🤢 I woke up every two hours and finally dragged my sorry arse out of bed about 11am! That’s what a toxin does to your body I guess … makes it work extra hard to try to break it down and get rid of it!

I started Adriene’s 30 day yoga today. I want to get back to practicing daily yoga. It’s a great habit and one I’ve let slip over the past 6 months. Ad alcohol increased, my yoga sessions decreased. Funny that!

Anyone that has started a sober journey will know that it can take a little time for your body to get rid of the physical side effects of alcohol. A good 10 to 14 days and I should feel more human and I’m looking forward to the sleep fairy to visit me again. Yep, those 3am wake ups returned with a vengeance! The raging thirst and anxiety and self flagellation. Why? Why! WHY?!

Crazy to think I could ever moderate alcohol. I was so secure in sobriety, I took it for granted, Lesson learned. What has been overwhelming lovely is all the encouragement I’ve had already and rekindling friendships that I also took for granted, along with my sobriety. So thanks. I am glad to be back.

Love Claire x

14 thoughts on “Day 2 and glad to be back”

    1. I like it! Thanks BB. I still feel pretty rough on day 3, which just confirms I was consuming far too much alcohol on a regular basis. Slowly does it 😁


  1. I’m glad your back!! 😍 awesome on doing yoga again! I now get up at 4:45am to work out before work. Can’t work out with crappy sleep and waking up feeling like yuck. When exercise took over as my new thing to love, everything fell into place. I’m excited for you my friend! ❤️

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    1. Thanks You. I think it’s just the journey once alcohol starts to leave your system. I had the same last time. I definitely want to get back into my exercise and I’m planning to use the gym far more frequently then I have been. You are amazing getting up that early and doing your work out before work. I really struggle with early mornings again but fingers crossed that improves with sobriety! 💞💞

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  2. I know all about taking sobriety for granted, and I’m so happy you’re back! I should get back to yoga. I also had an inverse relationship between yoga and drinking and I still haven’t fully gotten back to the yoga…. have a wonderful day letting your system calm down and find its way again.

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  3. Yay to coming back to the sober side. 😁
    Oof, I do NOT miss those 2AM wake ups with a racing heart and pounding head praying that if I could just fall back asleep I would not drink that night. Of course we all know that was a lie. 😆😆
    You got this! 🤗🤗

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    1. The bargaining we do in our minds! ‘I am not going to drink, I hate this feeling, please let me sleep and feel ok and I’ll go for a run when I wake up and drink only water’
      Yuk yuk yuk
      Feeling good about this 😃😃


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